Start wearing pink: Hope’s new hubs, brakes, pedals and stem


If you have a thing for pink, then you must know that Hope came up with a hole series of new components painted in this colour. Of course the producer’s thoughts were aimed at gravity-addicted ladies, but all walks of enduro and downhill enthusiasts can now have a bike that really stands out. Visually, at least…

The Hope Tech Evo X2 brakes are the first on this list of joyfully coloured components, being CNC machined and weighing 340 grams, disc included. Various diameters are available for this part, from 140 to 203mm, but you should keep in mind that they are dedicated for cross-country and enduro, according to the producer.

Hope F20 are the pedals of this series. Slim-profiled and with 20 changeable pins, the pair weighs 390 grams.

The stem is forged out of 2014 aluminum and goes with 31.8mm handlebars. The cross-country version has a length of 90mm and zero rise, while the enduro/freeride is shorter, measuring 50mm and having the same zero rise. Weight figures start at 144 grams.

Last, but not least Hope brought us the Pro 2 hubs, famed for their durability. Spoke holes count 32, disc mounts 6 holes and you can fit the front hub with an 9mm, 15mm or 20mm axle and the rear one with 135mm or 142mm axles. As for weight, the first one tips the scale at 185 grams, the other having 285 grams.

Via Hope