SRAM introduced new light-weight Rise XX XC wheels


The cross-country segment proves very important for SRAM, which launched a new wheelset for this discipline, Rise XX, intended to work as one when coupled with the Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork.


Rise XX’s main assets gets revealed once the wheels get weighed, the 29er only set tipping the scale at 1.285 grams in their lightest configuration which includes tubular tires. SRAM also adds that when developing Rise XX, it had in mind to come up with a potent XC wheelset, which doesn’t focus on a certain feature, but treats all in a manner that translates in great riding performances. Therefore, the company used steel spokes to lace the hubs to the carbon rims, for faster engagement, a reason for which it also used the Double-Time pawls and ceramic bearings. As for prices, Rise XX doesn’t come cheap:

Front Carbon Tubular Convertible


€ 1,156

Rear Carbon Tubular


€ 1,351

Rear Carbon Tubular XD Driver Body


€ 1,351

Front Carbon Tubular with Predictive Steering Interface


€ 1,192

 rise_sram_wheels rise_sram_wheels_1

Rise XX’s “soulmate” is the Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork, SRAM developing a special technology for the front hub, exclusively intended to be used with this fork. Basically, Predictive Steering  takes stiffness to another level by using an oversized axle, and a much stronger clamping mechanism, so that the fork and the front wheel work as one. The technology is also available for the Rise 50 and Roam 60 wheelsets, with either 28 or 32 spoke holes, and it adds 50 grams to the hub’s weight, having a price of 238$ or 211 euros. Full feature list below:

  • Dedicated hub interface for the inverted RS-1 fork
  • Torque Tube is an oversized, solid aluminum axle that locks the forks lowers together
  • Non convertible
  • Available for jbend spokes
  • Jbend: 28 or 32 holes
  • Speedball bearings for smooth and durable rotation
  • Weight: 165g

SRAM_MTB_Predictive_Steering_Hub_M SRAM_MTB_RISE_XX_PS_Hub_Axle_MH