Some of Felt’s new mountain bikes for 2015


Felt will emphasize on enduro and all-mountain in terms of off-road bicycles, but will also include a generous range of fatbikes, in what regards the 2015 product line-up. Also, the American manufacturer counts as one of the few that still features a handful of 26ers among its mountain bikes.

However, Felt isn’t afraid of doing things its own way, and a good example is the El Nino, a 26-inch wheel cruiser, having tires with a size that remind us of fatbikes, but a slick pattern that comes in handy for urban users. For less than 1.000$ you’ll get a bike that’s sure to turn some heads, but make sure you have the storage space it requires. Other technical specs you should know about are the singlespeed drivetrain, universal 18-inch size, and mechanical disc brakes.


Remaining in the bulky tire bike range, we come upon the Felt Double Double 70 (don’t ask us about the name) with its quality frame, inner cable routing, carbon fixed fork, and everything else that makes a fatbike stand out, a machinery which will set you back 999 euros in its entry-level version. We reckon it’s quite a deal, and if you know you want it, you can go for the higher versions, as long as your bank account can take the abuse.


But if rolling on a fatbike isn’t enough for you, then get an e-fatbike. Felt showed tons of love even to the most lazy of you and prepared the LebowskE, an electronically-assisted fatbike, with a mouth-watering specifications chart, a somewhat more comfortable position, and a price of 3.799 euros to match them.


Upon our return to classical mountain bikes, we find the Felt Edict that is situated at a lower pricepoint in 2015. For instance, Edict 5, a 29er with an 100mm suspension fork will be offered at 2.199 euros, while in the picture below you can see the Edict 3.


Felt also joins the enduro game through Compulsion, a 27.5-inch full-suspension that includes a Rock Shox Pike fork in the highest specification chart which costs 3.499 euros. However, if you have a less extensive budget, you can opt for the basic version that has a price tag of 2.199 euros.


Virtue virtually remains the same in 2015.


The top notch XC racer, Felt Nine FRD will use for next year a Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork, and a 1×11 drivetrain that features a Race Face Next SL crankset.