Solargenome will produce solar panel-fitted bike backpacks


Scicon, the manufacturer that brings us any kind of bag that has to do with bicycles, will probably start a little revolution next week, with the launch of Solargenome, a brand focused on producing cycling backpacks that have a solar panel included in them.

Eventhough it would have probably been one of the last things to cross a bike enthusiast’s mind, this kind of bags may turn out to be a success story. Basicly, Solargenome products have been designed to generate electricity from light. Each product is fitted with a solar panel that is used to charge a lithium battery that can in turn be used to recharge your portable electronics. If you add quality fabrics used in manufacturing the bags, then most prerequisites of success are met.

The official launch of the brand will take place on Friday, the 26th of April, but until then Solargenome invites you to take part in a contest. You just have to simply subscribe on the official website, which is currently under lock down, but will contain all information about the brand’s products, and you will have the chance of winning a HydraCharge backpack.