Snake bite punctures become a thing of the past with Schwalbe’s dual chamber tire and wheel system


Schwalbe has launched last Friday its newest product – the double chamber system, and returns now with additional info. The main advantage of this system, as the manufacurer puts it, sits in the elimination of the snake bite risk, the possibility to get around with low pressure in your tires, and in the better grip promised. This product is expected to be a big hit and is the result of the work carried out by Schwalbe and Syntace, the companies ending up working ot gether despite their separate starts.


The manufacturers consider that with low air pressure, off-road tire performance improves significantly, because the tires can adapt better to the terrain and react far more sensitively. They roll more easily over uneven ground and provide more grip and control. “But one can hardly risk riding on standard MTB tires with less than 1.5 bar (20psi), because the risk of snake bites is simply too great”, explains Markus Hachmeyer, Schwalbe’s Senior Product Manager. With the current trend towards wide wheel rims, the trail performance of the tires at low air pressure is improved and has become less “spongy”. The risk of snake bites, however, remains the same.

So, Schwalbe and Syntace figured out a way to overcome this problem, with their new dual chamber system. Basicly, as the name reveals, there are two air chambers inside the tire, one on top of the other. Thus, the inner one, that sits in contact with the rim prevents snake bite flats from occuring if inflated to a high pressure, while the outter one can run with low pressure, allowing the tire to have a significantly wider print on the trail, which further implies greater grip and control.

However, we didn’t get to find out too much about the rim itself, other that it’s a Syntace one, and it will have two valve holes. The system is designed to run with an outer tube pressure of 1 bar (14 psi), and weigh under 200 grams, but no infos on pricing or availability have been released so far.

Via Schwalbe