Sidi Wire cycling shoes in Canonndale Pro Cycling and Lampre limited edition


This season we shall see a lot of riders wearing Sidi’s Wire cycling shoes, the very best pair that they are producing currently, but a few guys will get a bit more. The luckt guys are the riders of the Cannondale Pro Cycling and Lampre-Merida teams and time trial superstar Tony Martin who will all get they very own limited edition pair.

The limited edition Wire are more of a collector’s item than an improvement of the regular pair, as the shoes already are state of the art. And with features such as a stiff carbon sole, very good ventilation and the Tecno 3 buckle sistem it is quite hard to develop something better, Wire providing excelent confort and excellent power transfer. So, the only thing that Sidi did was to play a bit with the colour scheme, adding a touch of green/black and pink/blue to them, and some rainbow stripes for Tony Martin. The pair will be available for purchase and fans can get their hands on them, or rather their feet into them, for about 395 euros.