Saddle sore no more: The Reprieve Bicycle Saddle


Do saddle-related articles really need any introduction? Considering the permanent struggle of different persons in the quest for the optimum saddle, we believe that any new, and promising, solution is worth at least a couple of minutes of attention. Therefore, let us introduce the Reprieve saddle.

Just as in the case of other saddles, the description of the Reprieve includes the oh-so-familiar „performance orientated” or „truly comfortable”  phrases, along with other such statements. But what we should really emphasize is the saddle’s concept. It’s probably not the first saddle to be developed using a urologist’s input, but it probably is one of the first that uses an adjustable air bladder.


So, what makes the Reprieve stand out? The answer is its concept that relies on the air bladder. Actually, the saddle consists of two parts: the rear one, where a classical hard shell is covered with leather, and the front one, named „active surface”, where the air bladder can be found. The development team behind the Reprieve says that while your sit bones are supported by the rear part, thus allowing no movement and ensuring pedalling efficiency, the perineum sits on top of the air bladder. The air pressure inside it can be adjusted, but in any case, the soft tissue area of your body encounters a milder surface, with the obvious perks. The saddle is also expected to retain the weight of a lightweight saddle at around 210g, making it ideal for a variety of uses.

3 West Design spokesperson Angie Marceleno brings further explanations: “We are excited to provide a truly distinctive performance saddle to the cycling community that solves a perpetual issue for cyclists. To put it simply, this saddle fits the anatomy better. By dropping the mid-section nearly an inch, and adding a discrete, very tough medical-grade air bladder that cushions but simultaneously supports the perineum and areas forward, there is no compromise between comfort and competitive performance”.

The Reprieve sought funding on and seems to be highly regarded, as it already passed the 25.000$ goal. Rumors about pricing have it that such a saddle will cost you somewhere around 100$, but we will all have to wait until February 2015 in order to buy it.