Polar’s Beat training app, now available for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones


Most of Polar’s training software reached the smartphone universe for some time now, but it was only available for iPhones and their iOS operating system. In order to compensate, Polar released a version of these software for Android, although for the moment only the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone can run them.

Therefore, Galaxy S4 users (with Android 4.3 or newer) can use Polar Beat to measure various training parameters, can analyze them thanks to the app or can share their workouts with others on social networks. Things such as speed can be calculated via GPS, but for biometric data, mainly heart rate info, you will need a Polar Bluetooth Smart H6 or H7 belt, the only ones compatible with Android 4.3, which will set you back 59.90, respectively 69.90 euros.

Plar Beat for Android can be downloaded from here