Novatec joins the carbon wheel club with Factor


Claiming their first full carbon wheelset, Novatec is announcing its newest addition, the Factor wheelset.

With an enlarged wheel range for the 2014 season that includes both road and mountain bike tubeless ready models, Novatec has also marked its debut in terms of full carbon wheels. Factor are presented as “a premium wheel line boasting the pinnacle of technology” by the manufacturer. All Factor wheels have a custom tooled high compaction carbon fiber rim mated to a rear hub with 6-pawl cassette body.

The model will be available in the 3 important wheel size, 26, 27.5 and 29-inch, each having a precise destination. Subsequently, the first will serve downhill and enduro riders, the second is recommenden for enduro, while the latter comes in the aid of cross-country riders. Novatec also supplied the hubs, by the XD601 front and XD602SB rear models.

Other features of factor will include a tubeless carbon 23mm rim, 28/32 spoke count, Novatec’s own 4-in-1 axle system, compatibility Shimano or SRAM components, and a weight figure of 751/945 grams, though not very clear for which size exactly.

Via Novatec