No tubes, no worries: Schwalbe’s new tubeless conversion kit


Wishing one day you’ll have the money to buy a pair of tubeless wheels, or at least a pair of rims? Wishful thinking time is over after Schwalbe launched a very easy to use and affordable kit for converting regular rims to tubeless-ready one.


A tubeless rim differs from a regular rim through the lack of the spoke hole that are found on the wall where the rim tape lays, thus preventing air from leaking out of the tire. Bearing this in mind, Schwalbe came up with a tape similar to a rim tape that is layed over the rim’s center, which covers all the holes. Priced at 14.90 euros, it should be available in several wheel size formats, but it’s not clear if it uses an adhesive to stick to rim or stays there by elastic force alone. For inflating the tire you’ll need the special valves, which are sold only as a pair and cost 19.90 euros.

The manufacturer admits the system may not work with all types of rims, therefore recommends the buyers to first ask the shop staff if its compatible with the ones they own. Also, Schwalbe added it will publish a chart containing recommended air pressure for this system.