New tubeless tires from Maxxis


After they let us wait for them, Maxxis finally revealed the tubeless tire it has prepared for this season. All bear a construction similar to that of a conventional tire, in addition to it Maxxis adding an internal layer for better air retention. The sidewalls have been reinforced for perfect matching on the rim and with all these taken into consideration the new tubeless tire will weigh 50 to 60 grams less than one designed to work with air chambers.

The new tubeless tire will cover all three mountain bike wheel sizes (26, 27.5 and 29 inch), with the following models being available:

–          For Cross Country, Maxxis Ikon Tubeless 3C 26 x 2.2 (535 grams), 3C/Exo 26 x 2.2 (585 grams), 3C 29 x 2.2 (590 grams) and 3C/Exo 29 x 2.2 (645 grams)

–          For Downhill/Freeride, Maxxis Minion DHF and DHR II (weight varying between 755 and 1.1015 grams)

–          The Maxxis High Roller II, with weight between 835 and 920 grams, depending on the size and model

Via Maxxis