New SRAM X1 makes 1×11 drivetrains affordable


Borrowing some technology from the XX1 and X01 higher groupsets, the X1 brings 1×11 drivetrains to more down-to-earth prices, although you’ll still need a generous bank account to purchase it. This is mostly due to the fact that SRAM indeed launched a cheaper single-chainring drivetrain, but not an entry-level one, as it rather bridges the mid- and high-end levels.


SRAM X1 will set you back 947 euros, which means 334 euros less than the XX1, or 215 euros less than the X01 would. In return, it puts on the scale an extra 300 grams, respectively 200 grams compared to the two sets mentioned above. One can notice a certain correlation between features and pricing, SRAM wanting to bring the 1×11 drivetrain experience to as many riders as possible, but for the moment this configuration still has its price, and it’s not very likely to see a revolution in this sense anytime soon.

Its price makes the X1 a noteworthy option if you’re choosing between the X9 or X0 groupsets, or even between Shimano’s XT or XTR. So, let’s have a closer look at the new set.


SRAM offers 2 versions of the X1 crankset: 1400 and 1000. The first will feature carved cranks for a lower weight, and will tip the scale, bottom bracket included, at 800 grams (32-tooth ring), costing 233 euros. The X1 1000 is 50 grams heavier, but will set you back only 177 euros, and a fat bike version is bound to be released. As for the chainrings, sizing will stretch from 30 to 38 teeth, and they are fitted with the X-Sync technology that eliminate the need for a chain guide.


Rear derailleur

Almost matching its XX1 counterpart through its 256-gram weight (only 4 grams heavier), the X1 rear derailleur will have only the black color option, and features 2 X-Sync 12-tooth pulleys. As expected, the Type II technology ticks the presence box, making unmounting the rear wheel easier and chain slap a thing of the past. However, differences occur between this derailleur and high-tier ones in the form of the bearings, materials used and finishings. MSRP: 205 euros



Unlike top models, only the last 3 sprockets are CNC machined, and form the same body, the rest being held in place by rivets. Available in a single format (10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42) and only in black, the cassette puts on 315 grams, and drills a 278-euro hole in your budget.



Completing the set is the single shifter, that features an aluminum body, weighs 121 grams, and sets you back 72 euros.