New power meters from Quarq: Elsa and Riken


Quarq is betting big money on its power meter range, so it has brought forward two new models, the Elsa and Riken. Both of them have upgraded electronics and come in basicly every size crank arms can have.

Elsa, as well as Riken benefit from the OmniCal technology which eliminates the need of recalibration of the meters when you change the chainrings. The CR2032 battery will power the systems for a producer-declared runtime of 300 hours, and accuracy of the measurement is within the decent value of +/- 1,5%. Both power meters are built upon SRAM crankarms and have lenghts that vary from 162.5mm to 177.5mm, with Elsa having the upper hand thanks to the Exogram hollow carbon arms. Exogram is also present on the Riken, but not in the hollow version. As for chainring sizes, at least two combinations are possible, the classical 53/39 and the Compact Drive 50/34.

Quarq also set the price for its two new products, 1.995$ for Elsa, respectively 1.595$ for the Riken.

Via Quarq