New iPhone and iPad case from BioLogic


As technology is sprinting forward with an ever increasing speed, new or at least updated products need to appear as to assure the proper functionality of the inovative devices. So, after Apple launched the iPhone 5, BioLogic announced the release of their iPhone 5 Bike Mount, but also of Soft Shield, a waterproof case designed according to the new iPad specifications.

The new bike mount is designed to achieve two major goals: protecting the iPhone and assuring its functionality remains at the optimal level. The case is completely sealed and is built out of a very hard type of plastic guaranteeing that the phone will be safe and sound if it falls off the handlebar. In addition, the case is waterproof so the impact of the elements upon the iPhone is minimal. The Bike Mount’s touch-sensitive membrane is the one making sure that using the device is as simple as if it wouldn’t be tucked inside the case. The Bike Mount for iPhone 5 can fit on handlebars or stems with a diameter of 38 mm or less.

A more and more popular Apple product is the iPad, so BioLogic came up with the Soft Shield. Basicly, it is a waterproof fabric cover, which protects the tablet from things like sweat, rain, dust,  and dirty fingers. The dark grey linen-like fabric perfectly matches the underlying texture of iOS, Dark Linen, and is a non-slip material, making the iPad easier to handle even with gloves on. With the Soft Shield on, iPad features are fully accessible, including the front touchscreen, rear camera, volume controls, and on/off button. The cover measures 29 cm x 20.2 cm and is compatible with iPad 1, iPad 2, and the new iPad.

The Bike Mount for iPhone 5 has a MSRP of 50 € and the Soft Shield for iPad has a MSRP of 28 €.