Marzocchi enters the enduro 27.5 inch segment with its new 350 fork


With a solid promise that quality will not represent an issue anymore, Marzocchi proudly launches its 350 model, a fork designed for the emerging discipline of enduro. Off to a slow start in this segment, the Italians reckon they can bring something truly unique onto the market, even more so as the new model was derived from the legendary Z1.

Having 35mm stanchions as any respectable enduro fork should have, the 350 does quite well in terms of weight, tipping the scale at 1.9 kilograms. The crown will be hollow in order to save some extra grams, but will also feature a new wheel axle. Spacers will help shorten or use it at its full the 140/160mm travel, while the sole colour option will be black and the steerer will be tapered.

Alas, the single-option scenario returns in the case of sizing, as the 350 will be available only for 27.5 inch-wheeled mountain bikes. However, adjustments’ range is generous, the cartridge allowing you to set rebound and compression from Firm to Soft. With pricing still a mistery, the fork is estimated to make its appearance next summer, featuring as a 2015 model.

Via Marzocchi