Introducing the all-new SRAM X01


SRAM showed some love to 1×11 drivetrain junkies today when it officially released the X01 components. Trickled down from the XX1 gropuset, the new products offer single-chainring mountain bike enthusiats a better shot at owning such a system, thanks to their lower price. But that’s not all!

As a small reminder, this kind of drivetrain implies a lower weight, faster shifting, and reduced chain slap. According to the manufacturer, it’s also harder to build, as perfect compatibility is required between all the parts of the mechanism.

SRAM X01 Crankset

The chainring will feature X-SYNC teeth, that have a profile which stabilizes the chain when riding over bumpy trails, and carbon arms. Sizes of the ring will vary, giving you the choice between 30, 32, 34, 36 or 38 teeth, with a weight figure that will revolve around 655 grams, bottom bracket included. The crankset shall be available in red or black.

SRAM X01 Rear Derailleur

A bigger upper pulley will feature in the cage of the new derailleur, in order to increase stability of the chain. The shifting force needed is reduced, while ghost-shifting is out of the question, also the Type 2 mechanism being present on the derailleur. The carbon cage, and bearing pulleys sum up this 252 grams part.

SRAM X01 Shifters

Regarding this part, you will be able to choose either a lever shifter, or a GripShift one. Both go by the 1:1 actuation ratio and are compatible with the MatchMaker X. The first component weighs 91 grams, while the latter tips the scale at 143 grams.

SRAM X01 Cassette Sprockets and XG 1195 Chain

The cassette will only be available with cogs sized 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42, that will take the weight up to 275 grams. Also, you’ll need a special cassette in order to mount them, namely the XD Driver Body. As for the chain used, it’s the same with the one used in the XX1 range, that has a weight of 252 grams for the 114 links. Recommended retail price of the whole drivetrain will be of 1.034 euros.