Hammerhead changes the rules of bike navigation


On a market flooded with cycle computers that encompass lots of functions and advanced navigation software, innovation tends to occur much harder, but it’s something in hand’s reach as three guys from New York taught us. Their invention, called Hammerhead, due to its resemblance to a hammerhead shark’s head, makes use of several LEDs in order to guide you on your chosen path, managing to offer the most user-friendly interface available so far.

The product relies on the plain and simple principle of guidance through light signals. Basicly, it shows you the way by lighting-up the LED that indicates the direction, regardless if you have to turn left or right, or go just a little in one of the directions. Hammerhead doesn’t do all this magic by itself though, requiring a connection to a smartphone that has installed any GPS app, whether it’s Hammerhead’s own one or other, more widespread ones, like Strava. Oh, and the smartphone must have either the iOS operating system or the Android one.

And what’s the main advantage of this? Well, you can keep your eyes more on the road than on the navigation device, as it’s much easier to take a short glance at the light’s position than to figure out where exactly you are if you have had a map on a small screen situated on the bike’s stem.

Besides these, Hammerhead includes various functions, like the compass, very useful on off-road because it shows you the waypoint you set to follow. In the era of connectivity, you can also share on the social networks your routes or rides and this is enhanced by the 20-hour autonomy of the Hammerhead’s battery, while a phone using the navigation app will run out of power in 5 hours, when used with this device. Retail price of the new gizmo will be above 100$.

Hammerhead got the public’s attention after its appereance on the crowd funding website dragoninnovation.com, where it enjoyed almost instant success, passing its funding target with 4 days to go still. For a better understanding of the way Hammerhead works, we invite you to take a look at the video below, that belongs to the 3 founders Piet, Laurence and Raveen, which have also started a facebook page for their product.