Durango Smoke: When Trick Eyewear Meets HD Camera


I hope I won’t be criticized by fellow racers, but here’s how to spend 300$! If you put down on your shopping list a pair of nicely designed sunglasses and a HD camera to film your adventures, with Durango Smoke glasses you get both. This is to say that these sunglasses not only look rad, but you can also use them when riding your board on the slope and also take a video of your adventure at 1080p and 30 fps. 

Lenses are scratch resistant, frame is flexible and impact resistant, and also incorporates 8 GB of memory, together with a USB 2.0 port. Manufacturer says that there will be no “fish eye” image distortion, and also prepared an application, together with WI-FI accessories, so that you can see what you have filmed, directly on your smart phone. Editing and posting on Facebook is also on the “can do list” of these eyeglasses. Could you want more?

via:  pivothead.com