Cube releases the Fritzz 160 and 180 enduro mountain bikes for 2014


Cube will come prepared at this year’s Eurobike, and among the “big guns” it will present, two enduro mountain bikes feature: Fritzz 160 and Fritzz 180. The first will make enduro riding a pleasurable activity thanks to the 160mm of shock travel, while the second will humor hardcore riders, super-enduro being it’s specialty, given the 180mm shocks.

Though you might tend to think the millimetres of travel are the only difference, things differ a bit. The manufacturer will offer the Fritzz 160 (red) with 27.5 inch wheels only, while the Fritzz 180 (green) will only feature 26 inch wheels.

Working to develop the bikes is the enduro team back at the Cube headquarters, which knows what an enduro frame should be about, and therefore chose to build them out of aluminum, in order to get the right stiffness, and abuse-taking capacity. With the rear shock mounted, the two Fritzz’s will each weigh 3 kilograms, but they won’t differ in terms of geometry, largely borrowed from the Stereo model. That means both will have a 66,5 degree head tube angle, and 74,5 degree seat tube angle.

Pricing, full specifications, and all available versions shall be made official during this year’s Eurobike.

Via Cube