Crank Brothers introduces new stems and handlebars


Next year we’ll probably make our minds up harder when choosing a Crank Brothers stem or handlebar. These ranges have been expanded in order to better suit the current demands. For example, Iodine, the all-mountain range, will feature new graphics, while the 11 and 2 series will widen to 780mm. However, Iodine 3 will keep its 720mm width, but will lose some grams. Carbon will be used only in manufacturing the Iodine 11 handlebar, the rest turning to aluminum for this purpose.

In the stems’ case, aluminum represents the sole material used, this not stoping weight and stiffness being improved, the latter by about 30%. Both 2- and 3-series stems include a 5 year warranty, like the handlebars also do, whereas the carbon handlebar will have a 2-year warranty.

The Cobalt series is designed for XC, reason why the handlebars will be built out of the 7050 alloy, and will be available in two version: short and flat, or wide and featuring rise. For Crank Brothers, short means 680mm, and long 780mm, even if this is the case of cross-country components. The rise measures 15mm, and the largest weight will reach 270 grams, while the short version tips the scale at 155 grams.

Remaining to Cobalt, you’ll notice the stems have a very neat design. These components are now built out of 6061 alloy, and weigh 10% less than the previous generation, meaning the final gram count will indicate 148 for the 100mm version. The 11-series stems, like the handlebars, are manufactured out of carbon, which leads to a brilliant weight of 105 grams for the 110mm version.

Via Crank Brothers