Copenhagen Wheel turns e-bikes price-friendly


Urban mobility is set to become even more… mobile in a few moments. The Copenhagen Wheel, a rear wheel with an integrated electric engine, will hit the market soon enough, already being available for pre-orders. This invention will revolutionize the e-bike market by the simple fact that it can fit any bike, and has a much more affordable price.

Copenhagen Wheels isn’t the only initiative of its kind, others like the FlyKly relying on the same principle, and resembling it a lot, but the Denmark-capital-named gizmo won the race for reaching the market. Operated through your smartphone, the wheel features several options:

  • unlock and lock it (and your bike along with it)
  • select how much the motor assists you
  • change gears
  • sensing unit detects your effort level and information about your surroundings, including road conditions, carbon monoxide, NOx, noise, ambient temperature and relative humidity

Copenhagen Wheel, conceived and developed by the SENSEable City Lab for the Kobenhavns Kommune and made real by a MIT department, also aims at planning healthier bike routes, to achieve your exercise goals or to meet up with friends on the go. The even better part sits in its simplicity, nothing but a wrench being needed in order to mount it, by tightening the two nuts, just like you would do on a regular bike. Not to mention the innovative regenerative brake is able to capture energy when braking or going down hill that it stores in the integrated lithium battery pack. By the way, the technical chart looks like this:

  • Motor: US: 350W / EU: 250W
  • Size: 26″ or 700c rim
  • Battery: Removable 48Volt Lithium
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Battery Life: 1000 cycles
  • Smartphone OS: iOS, Android
  • Charge Time: 4 hours
  • Compatibility: Single Speed or 9/10 Speed Free Hub
  • Top Speed US: 20 mph, EU: 25 km/h
  • Brake Type: Rim brake and regenerative braking (downhill and back-pedal)
  • Range: Up to 50 km / 31 mi
  • Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lbs
  • Dropout: 120 mm (single speed)/135 mm (single speed and multi-speed)

And now we get to the part that really makes all these features that more valuable: the price. Currently available only on pre-order (1.000 pieces were included in the initial stock, so you’d better hurry up if you plan to buy one for Christmas), the Copenhagen Wheel will hit the market in the spring of 2014, for a price that will probably revolve around the 699$ figure of the pre-order units.

Via Superpedestrian