C.O.P. Design’s Denim Fixie


Fixed gear bicycles have always been and excellent base for putting into effect the wildest style and design ideas. In this case it all started from aVeneto bike, whose frame has been sandblasted and then dressed with the famous jeans fabric. French designer Paul Chaquet is behind this project, but we have to appreciate the very hard work of his fiancé, Olivia Moyroud, which, same as Penelope waiting for Ulysses, spent dozen of hours behind her sewing machine, just to tailor the nice suit this bike has.

Not to mention that putting together all the denim panels on the bike’s frame must have been a hell of a work. However, the final result has really made all this effort worth, as this fixed gear bicycle will be an attraction point at various shows. We only hope its owner won’t ride it too much across town, because a visit to the washing machine will then become mandatory.

via: COP Design