BioLogic presents Joule 3, the front wheel with dynamo hub


The urban cycling oriented company BioLogic announced that beginning from today the Joule 3 front wheel will be available for purchase. The 20 inch wheel stand out of the crowd thanks to its dynamo hub, called Joule 3 as well, which is one of the very best of its class, having received an Eurobike Award last year.

The reason why the Joule 3 hub is reckoned among the top of this category is its high efficiency, that reaches a percentage of 73% compared to the average 55%, the performance of most dynamo hubs currently on the market. In terms of voltage and power, Joule 3 generates 6V and 3W.

The hub is connected by Sapim spokes to a double wall rim. The 2 versions, Pro and Comp, have 14, respectively 20 double-butted spokes that make sure the wheel doesn’t let you down when you need it the most. Also, quick release skewers are included. Each of the versions comes in either black or silver, and weighs 770 grams, respectively 901 grams. Pricing is set at 200 euros, and purchasing can be made on the BioLogic website.

Via BioLogic