Bianchi launches the 2014 Infinito CV, this time to be rode by Team Belkin


Those days when road bikes used to be simply road bikes are long gone, technology advancing and not lagging behind even in this chapter of the bicycle story. So, the new breed of endurance road bikes is gaining momentum and stronger and stronger representation, so much so that a worthy representative of this category find itself refurbished for a new season. Bianchi’s 2014 Infinito CV was officially presented in the new Team Belkin color scheme, and promises achivements at least as great as one conquered so far.


While the specification chart seems to have been mostly unaltered compared to previous year’s one, there is a major addition in the form of the offical hydraulic-disk-brake equipped version, though we won’t see it in action under Belkin’s pros anytime soon. The manufacturer states that the disk brake version will be Shimano Di2/Campagnolo EPS electronical systems compatible, and can house 28cm-wide tires, the same as the caliper brake version. Still, the Countervail® vibration cancelling technology will remain the bike’s most valuable asset.

We briefly reviewed the Bianchi Infinito CV at last year’s Eurobike, and it’s something you must see and try for yourself. For this year, you’ll also have 4 color schemes to chose from: CK (Celeste Bianchi/Carbon UD), KK (Carbon UD/Celeste Bianchi), RK (Carbon UD/Graphite) full matt, and RR (White/Carbon UD).

Via Bianchi