Be the Sheriff of trails with the new Desperado clothing


Although not quite accustomed with the rumble of the Wild West, the Swiss bike wear label Deputy Sheriff presents its new line of mountain bike clothing, Desperado, which, by most standards, is a must-have for any trail riding, enduro or freeride die-hard fan.

The collection consists of 2 pieces, namely a jersey, and a pair of baggies. If the functional properties of the first piece do not blow our minds, it having high-tech fabric with high breathability that ensures good moisture transport, the design is note-worthy, and the pictures speak for themselves. Also, note the sleeve cuffs that feature silicon bands in order for the sleeve to stay in the position you chose.











The other half of this suit is a pair of baggies, which doesn’t stand out with any feature in particular, but neatly matches the jersey thanks to its design, and offers all the comfort and functionality a trail riders needs.











However, Deputy Sheriff’s offer goes beyond these 2 products, showing a lot of love to avid mountainbikers in terms of clothing, and as far as Wild West designs go, the guys proved to have quite an imagination, that spans from western woodpeckers to American Highway Patrol motifs. More about their range is available on the official website.