BBB introduces the Patron i5 case


With more and more smartphones taking over the role of cycling computers, the risk of damaging your mobile device increases, so BBB thought it would be useful to develop a case for iPhone users that like cycling.

The Patron i5 case has a good functionality by the fact that it can also be used for day-to-day use of the phone. With a slim design, and a combination of a black or white polycarbonate shell with a lens shield and two silicon sleeves, it features a swell impact resistance and shock absorption. The sleeves come in two versions:

  • a more open one for optimal usage of the phone’s functions in good weather
  • the other is a more sealed design to shield your phone against the elements.

This is a light solution, the case weighs a mere 69 gams including mount. The mount will fit on both stems and handlebars, and allows for the phone to be mounted in a portait or landscape position. MSRP of the BSM-01 Patron i5 is 39,95 euros.