All-round mountainbiking empowered by Schwalbe’s new Nobby Nic


The various disciplines of mountainbiking are drawing clear lines between them, but this didn’t stop Schwalbe from releasing its 3rd generation of the Nobby Nic tire, which aims to be the perfect all-rounder.


Actually, the new Nobby Nic is best described by its manufacturer: “It‘s not the fastest cross-country tire, not the toughest enduro tire and also not the most grippy mud tire, but it’s the right choice if you are looking for a tire that works in every situation”. So, it won’t blow you off your feet if you demand nothing less than perfect, but it might just be the answer when you encounter different situations during your ride. Among the improvements that this generation brings along we can find larger and well positioned outer blocks, a better self-cleaning ability in muddy and soft conditions, and optimized center stud arrangement for improved traction, braking grip and predictable cornering.

The arrival of the new Nobby Nic marks the end of the line for the Fat Albert model, although this should not be bad news considering the wide array of versions that the newcomer features. Besides the fact that it’s available for all 3 wheel sizes, Nobby Nic also has 3 different widths for all of them, namely 2.10, 2.25 and 2.35 inches. Further more, you can choose between the Evolution and Performance Line, the first being the top-end version that mainly involves lower weight and better puncture protection. The latter achievement results from the use of the SnakeSkin sidewall, a fabric made from a monofilament polyamide fiber that not only is cut-resistant, but makes tubeless conversion much easier. Also, compound varies depending on the version, so you can go for PaceStar (XC-orientated), TrailStar (enduro/freeride-orientated) or the general-purpose GateStar.


Another very important side of the new release regards what’s wrapped inside the Nobby Nic tire. More accurately, the tire features the Tubeless Easy technology, that makes converting it to tubeless mode very easy (we mentioned it before when talking about the SnakeSkin). Sealant is still required, but apart from that fitting is just as easy as with a specific tubeless tire. Also, Schwalbe doesn’t give up on it’s Dual Chamber system, which implies using two inner tubes, one stuck to the rim and inflated to high pressure in order to prevent snake bite, and the other inflated to low pressure for a wider contact surface between the tire and the ground, resulting in better grip. However, there was nothing officially mentioned in the press release beside the teasing photo below…