3T Christmas sale: Di2 battery mount and more


The sales season is getting closer by the minute, so you might want to pay attention to prices that shrink, especially if they belong to products you followed throught the year. 3T makes this task easier offering the recommended retail prices that 4 different products will have, namely a seat post battery mount, a torque wrench, a carbon bottle cage and an alloy handlebar.

So, the battery holder is designed for Shimano’s electronical system Di2 and fits the SM-BTR2 bettery into any 3T seat post. It weighs 12 grams and has a body constructed out of aluminum and stainless steel lips, with a MSRP of 10 euros.

Next up is the carbon bottle cage, manufactured out of UD fibers. With a weight of 30 grams and the Italian „tricolore” painted on it, it will set you back 45 euros (MSRP).

Useful in home-servicing, and even more, is the torque wrench set that helps measuring the correct tightening of the bike bolts. MSRP: 100 euros.

Finally, the Tornova Pro bar combines the comfort with traditional round bends. Built of tripple-butted 7075 alloy, it weighs 285 grams, sizes range from 40 to 44cm and has a clamp of 31.8mm, being available for a suggested retail price of 85 euros.

Via 3TCycling