Where has my bicycle been made?


Maybe, once in a while, you ask yourself which is the truly origin country of your bicycle. There are many reasons to do this, from simple curiosity to the desire to know where the technology enabling us to live the joys associated with cycling is actually located!

As you can see in the table below, Asia is the number one producer of bicycles, even though Europe still has a monopoly regarding the number of brands. In fact, the vast majority of companies from the Old World outsourced their production towards facilities in Taiwan and China, the only models produced “in house” being high-end bicycles. However, the present situation should not represent a surprise as Japan hosts three carbon suppliers, providing 80% of this material worldwide, in a variety of industries, from aeronautics to the sports equipments.


Origin country

Manufacturing country

Bianchi Italy Taiwan, with a few exceptions
BMC Switzerland Taiwan,  except Impec
B’Twin France East Europe, Portugal, China
Campagnolo Italy Italy, Romania
Cannondale United States Taiwan, assembled in the United States
Canyon Germany Taiwan, assembled in Germany
Cervelo Canada Asia, assembled in Canada
Colnago Italy Taiwan, except  C59
Cube Germany Taiwan, assembled in Germany
KTM Austria Taiwan, China, assembled and painted in Austria
Kuota Italia Taiwan
Lapierre France Taiwan, assembled in France
Look France Asia, Tunisia, pedals produced in France
Mavic France France and Romania
Eddy Merckx Belgium Taiwan
Orbea Spain China and Spain, assembly and paint  in Spain
Pinarello Italia Taiwan, assembly and paint  in Italy
Ridley Belgium Taiwan/China, assembly and paint  in Belgium
Scott Switzerland Taiwan
Shimano Japan Japan, Taiwan and China
Specialized United States Taiwan
Time France France
Trek United States Taiwan, except Madone 6 series
Merida Taiwan Taiwan
Giant Taiwan Taiwan
Wilier Italy Taiwan, some assembled in Italy


  1. Hi,
    Please explain the actual meaning of ‘assembled’ when reading in the context of the above article.
    Where does the components get assembled?



  2. Hi every one my btwin rockrider 340 label is descripted as it was made in hindustan and designed in france. I do agree but where are the frames of these cycle manufactured is india or china.