Great recipe for energy balls


Bike rides, especially those outside the city require a lot of energy that we usually take from what we eat: energy bars, sweets or even normal food. Most of these are pretty efficient, but also expensive. This is why we thought of sharing with you a recipe that requires little ingredients, few minutes to make and no baking.


  • 1 bowl of oat flakes
  • 2/3 of bowl of coconut
  • ½ of bowl of peanut butter
  • ½ of bowl of dark chocolate chips
  • ½ of bowl of crushed nuts
  • ⅓ of bowl of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
Photo: Dan Mazilu.


Stir all the ingredients in a large bowl until they are properly mixed. Make sure the texture is not too dry or runny. If the mixture is too dry you can add 1-2 spoons of water. Put the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes, then roll the mixture into balls in the palm of your hand. Wrap them up in aluminum foil and take them with you in your T-shirts’ back pocket.

From a quantity of 684 grams of mixture resulted 31 energy balls.

Photo: Dan Mazilu.

The healthy part:

  • Peanut butter is a great form of quick energy and provides us with all the good fats needed for a healthy diet. Natural peanut butter may be pricer.
  • Oats are a great source of fibre, iron, phosphorus and selenium.
  • Coconut flakes provide the body with zinc, protein, fibre and iron.
  • Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds that function as antioxidants.
  • Nuts contain fibres, vitamin E and minerals.
  • Honey contains antioxidants and has anti-bacterial qualities and works best for those suffering from hayfever.
Photo: Dan Mazilu.

The recipe can be found also on and with a little improvement from our part we can say it provides a healty snack.