Affordable and reliable bicycle parts


Everyone knows bicycle components that just spring in mind thanks to their high quality and reliability. There is that top of mind list that was made by you by using them, by reading reviews about them or by testing. That list comprises only the parts that in your eyes are the best option, the safest and having the best price/quality ratio. We don’t know what your list is, but we thought we should publish ours.


Rear derailleur – Shimano Deore manages to bring together all the desired features, being a star of the market. It has all the technologies that appear further up the Shimano range (clutch, compact structure etc.), works fast enough and doesn’t make too much noise. While it doesn’t overtake the XT in terms of performance and neither does it have its buliding materials, its price represents the strongest argument. If you’re searching for improved performance, Shimano XT will cost more, but will deliver the needed edge.

Front derailleur – Very rarely do big differences occur in this regard, so any mid-level derailleur will do just fine.

Crankset – Are you a weightweenie or not? After deciding this, you should know that Deore is a good option, but if grams weigh heavier on your mind that in reality, checking out upper series is the thing to do. Top notch gram-counts appear along with Shimano XT and higher SRAM ranges and be prepared to pay good money for them.

Shifters – Shifter 101 – buy only does shifters taht work with your derailleurs. For front derailleurs Shimano and SRAM can mix, but for rear derailleurs only shifters manufactured by the same producer work. If speed number matches, that is. For any configuration up to 10-speeds, any Shimano shifter works, thanks to the 2-way release function, and a real perk is easy installation of the cables. By comparison, SRAM’s shifters don’t feature the double function, and mounting the cables can prove a real headache. However, few things compare to the low weight that SRAM managed to achieve for its parts.

Recommendation for durability-performance-price ratio> Shimano Deore

Recommendation for weight-performance-price ratio> Shimano XT


When it comes to brakes, Shimano leads the pack. Some might say that by at least one step ahead. The Japanese don’t build the lightest products because they chose not to. Their eyes and minds are set on developing the most reliable, safe and long usage brakes. Entry level models do not fall under this paradigm, but Deore and what comes after it, do materialise it, and they do it in an astounding manner.

Among V-brakes, Shimano XT has the most attractive option, even if the manufacturer scrapped the parallel design which offered increased braking power.

Recommendation for durability-performance-price ratio> Shimano Deore

Recommendation for performance-price ratio> Shimano Zee

Recommendation for V-Brakes-Shimano XT


Shimano can provide real firepower only at the top-end of the range, so the Japanese will sit this one out. Self-made wheels can be an excellent choice, having as a starting point the Novatec hubs, that are of great value, while Mavic or FUNN rims are die-hard members of the elite band of wheels.

Recommendation for durability-performance-price ratio> Novatec hubs+Mavic rims

Recommendation for performance-low weight> Hope hubs+Nukeproof rims


Maybe it might come as a surprise, but NECO headsets are the best value products around. Of course, any bearing headset will do the trick, still NECO comes at a more than appealing price.



Tons of options are present here, but the most balanced offer doesn’t come from Shimano or SRAM. KMC is the star here.

Recommendation> KMC

Suspension fork

Almost all entry-level products produce a big dissapointment in terms of delivered performance. Therefore, reliable and lighter models that have a decent price tag take the shape of Suntour Raidon or Rock Shox 30 Gold. Of course, greater performance comes from other models, but the damaged inflicted to your wallet denies them the place in this list.

Recommendation> Suntour Raidon or Rock Shox 30 Gold


Without too much doubt, Maxxis offers a lot of great tires currently. All along destinations, from cross-country to downhill, the manufacturer placed a lot of items in the Hall of Fame. Avoiding to renew the range every couple of years and not focusing too much on lightness, Maxxis does remarkably well in terms of grip, with some minor exceptions.

Recommendation> Maxxis


Shimano rules the quality segment in this regard. BBB also puts forward good quality pedals, that are a bit lighter than their Japanese competitors. Regardless of option, the basic recommendation is the feature of bearings, which last longer.

Recommendation> BBB for clipless platform pedals and Shimano for clipless

Cables and hoods

Both Shimano and Jagwire manufacture high-quality products in this respect. Shimano features in its ranges greater quality cables and hoods which enable the smooth glide necessary for accurate and fast shifting. Even if they cost more, it’s worth the money.

Recommendation> Shimano and Jagwire

Disc brake pads

If using original components is out of hand’s reach, the aftermarket ranges of BBB or KoolStop include great brake pads for every kind of disc brake system. Also, Miles offers interesting components.