About Bike Advisor

The bicycle – probably the most democratic vehicle in the world and for certain one of the most loved! A handful of things can compare with the pleasure of pedalling, whether it happens on a mountain trail, a winding road, on the city streets or just on the way to work. And naturally, there comes the question: What bike is best for me? What do I need to know in order to avoid the technical problems that can spoil my ride? Which components are the best ones? Why do I need 30 gears on my bike? What is the difference between carbon and aluminum? And, finally, after the budget debate, the careful reading of the specification list and comparison of all reviews, which is the best choice for me?

This is where Bike-advisor.com comes in. Having an over 4-years experience in everything that has to do with bicycles, we are here to help you figure out all issues regarding the two-wheeled vehicle. On FreeRider.ro we already have a comprehensive database of tests, reviews, buying guides and general articles regarding almost everything from what to wear in summertime to the difference between aluminum 6061 and 7005. In time, the online magazine became the most read one in Romania, so we decided that this valuable source should be available to everyone, worldwide.

You can find on our website the latest news from the bicycle market and industry, riding advice, maintenance and service tutorials, great videos, but, most of all, a lot of reviews that are not only based on personal opinions, but are backed up by figures measured by our testing machines. Therefore, you can find out how stiff the bike really is in its crucial sections and how does this value stand in comparison with its weight.

Well, we told you enough about us, so it is time to let our work do the talking for us. Have a great time finding out all the stuff we have on Bike-advisor.com!