KTM Press Camp 2015: Big surprises, Made in Austria


Few would consider the picturesque Austrian village of Wei?enbach am Attersee a place worthy to host an entire offensive upon the bicycle market, but KTM’s new approach rightens such a choice. The reason why we found the company’s staff dressed in the traditional suits of the region is very simple – the bicycles will bear the „Made in Austria” sticker. So it’s no wonder KTM takes great pride in this, even more so that the actual manufacturing of the bicycles in the brand’s country of origin is a feat accomplished only by some European companies.

Behind the end product sits a group of about 300 persons that produces 200.000 bicycles every year, sold in 50 different countries worldwide. Paying much attention also to high-level representation, KTM supplied various teams, like Tabriz Petrochemical, Vicma-KTM, or individual sportsmen, like David Valero, with their top bikes, earning top places in important races across the globe. Now let’s take a look at the 2015 line-up.

KTM Myroon 29 – evolution, not revolution

The Prestige and Master high-end versions of the Myroon frame are designed for several types of derailleurs, such as the direct pull, Shimano electronic Di2 system or SRAM’s XX1 single-chainring drivetrain. Noteworthy was also the sight of Rock Shox RS-1 inverted fork mounted on a 2015 Prestige. The same features are available also for the full-suspension Scarp range, while the Lycan frames lost 400 grams, and welcomed the Lycan LT model, a frame designed for 160mm shocks and XX1 drivetrains.


Revelator Sky Di2

KTM introduced a completely new model in the form of the Revelator Sky Di2 road bike, one that belongs to the endurance road bike category, that targets „non-hardcore racers”. The usual slack angles of the frame from this category make for a relaxed geometry, a pair of disc brakes ensure superior braking power, and we’ve also noticed the thru-axle systems for the front (12mm) and rear (15mm). We won’t be saying any more about this bike here, as we took it for a ride, and will share our impressions later on in a separate article.


KTM goes cyclocross

Probably the only thing missing from KTM’s range was a purpose-built cyclocross bike, so the manufacturer compensated for this lack with the Canic CXC Disc available in 2 versions, a carbon monocoque, performance-orientated one, and an alloy one, at about half the price of the first (1.500 euros for this metal off-road warrior), which relies on a Shimano drivetrain.


Fat Rat is KTM’s own idea of a fat bike

Completely determined to enter this segment, KTM prepared the Fat Rat, a bicycle they consider can tackle any type of terrain, from snow and mud to sandy beaches or deserts. Having an 80mm fork sure helps this contender with 4-inch wheels, and also the internal cable routing and special design of the rear triangle are two requirements mandatory for an awesome performance. The specification list contains components such as a 2×10 SRAM X9 transmission, an 100mm bottom bracket, placed high above the ground, a post mount for the rear brake, and a rear 12x170mm thru axle.


Freeze! Another fat bike!

We told you KTM means business in the fat bike segment, and nothing could make this intention more clear than the sight of Macina Freeze. Weighing a little over 20 kilograms, this electric fat bike (or should we call it a fat e-bike?) allows you to tackle any kind of trails, which is nothing new compared to any other fat bike. However, the electric motor works miracles uphill, and makes the Freeze a machinery capable of handling any trail or terrain you can throw at it, regardless of slope gradient. Also note the sporty geometry of the frame, and the high power output of the motor, which are addictive, to say the least.


Sail away with the Lontano

Trekking buffs will rejoice upon hearing the news that KTM showed them a lot of love for 2015. Considering Austria’s tons of rural cycling paths it’s no wonder the manufacturer turned its attention towards this segment, the Lontano ticking all the features a real cycletouring bike should. Therefore, room for luggage abounds thanks to the bike’s rear and front racks, stability isn’t an issue thanks to the low-centered bottom bracket, and braking holds no secrets for the bike has a pair of hydraulic disc brakes. Lontano also has a belt-drive version, Pinion, that rules out maintanance of the drivetrain.


No half measures for KTM in the e-bike segment

Passing through a period of growth of popularity, a hefty e-bike range can spell success for a manufacturer. KTM knows this for a long time, the brand being a pioneer of the segment, if not actually the founder of it, back in 1994 launching the first series e-bike, and a lot of years and 30.000 sold units later, it still bets on this interesting contraption. The pinnacle of the company’s electric range in 2015 will be the Macina Egnition 27.5, an about-20-kilograms bike, with a Bosch motor and enduro/all-mountain geometry, that includes 160mm shocks.


KTM also started a collaboration with Shimano in regard of electric motors, and their according display systems that will feature on the KTM GPS+ models, the top-end models belonging to the MTB, speed, hard-tail, full-suspension and trekking segments. Yeap, this is how rich KTM’s e-bike range really is, and considering the new displays will add the GPS function, smartphone conectivity, and tons of apps, things can only get better. With the new batteries installed, autonomy reaches 155 kilometers, and gear shifting became more silent and smoother. Other models that are worth mentioning are Lycan 27 GPS+, with 125mm shocks, and a 20-kilogram weight, and the Ventura, a city bike fitted with an integrated luggage rack, and also available with the Di2 system in the Vienna version.