Suntour XCR Crankset (2011)


Its name might suggest the XCR Suntour fork, with which it shares heavy weight. The CW XCT V2 crankset weighs approximately 920 grams, without Bottom Brakcet. If you take into account its 300 grams you get more than 1.2. No wonder this puts a lot of weight on you bike, as two out of the three 44/32/22 chainrings are made of steel.

However, these chainrings are quite durable, as some users told us that they had ridden them for two years before chain began dropping off. The good news it that they can be replaced, as you need an Allen key to disassemble the crankset , but my advice is to simply go for another one, as soon as XCR shows signs of getting old.

Another major sign of weakness is gloss paint, which we managed to scratch from our first ride, truth is, is harsh weather. Even so, some cranks do keep the foot away from the crank arm, as they are not that “bellied”. This is why I recommend you the white painted version, as it better hides these scratches.

Compared to its lower spec sibling, XCT V2, XCR is significantly lighter. Chain easily and effortless goes from one chainring to another, without too many other noises than those made by the front derailleur.

Suntour suggests that we may use this crankset for XC, Marahon or even Enduro, which I think it’s a bit exaggerated. In fact it isn’t suitable for any of these disciplines, as it’s too heavy for XC, and not strong enough for Enduro. I think it’s more suitable for bicycles used for recreational rides.

In brief, Suntour XCR crankset is not something to aim at, if it’s not already installed on your bike. This is because the new Shimano FC-M552  entry-level crankset comes with four major arguments: it is significantly more advanced from a technical point of view, it utilizes Hollowtech technology (integrated Bottom Bracket), weighs less and only costs 25 euro more than XCR.

Weight: 920 without Bottom Bracket, 1.220 grams including Bottom Bracket
Use: Recreational