Shimano Ultegra 6700 Brake Calipers (2012)


Although Shimano produced all kinds of components over time, if we had to choose a specific constant of Shimano it should be brakes: always strong, always reliable and always effective.  Ultegra 6700 couldn’t have been different.

From the first moment of our test, their behavior was no second to being excellent. Shimano has neglected the SLR modulation, a characteristic which greatly contributed to the fame of this brand, as the functioning of these brakes is very faithful to force you apply to the lever.

You may wonder why the Ultegra 6700 brakes are so effective. The answer is simple, as much of their technology has been borrowed from the Dura-Ace groupset. Braking is excellent in the dry, and if we are to listen to Shimano, it has been enhanced by about 20% compared to the previous model. You can feel this improvement while riding, and not just reading about it in the press presentation. As for modulation, you can control these brakes almost to perfection just using your fingertips. Although pads are not among the lightest, at least they provide a very good grip to most alloys bicycle wheels are manufactured of. Last but not least, the pads we are talking about manage to double the performance of these brakes when we refer to riding in the wet.

Ultegra gets rid of some extra grams thanks to these brakes being partially hollow on their inner side, and distance to rim can be adjusted thanks to a screw faced upward. Shimano has not found it necessary to install an adjustment of the spring mechanism for these brakes, but it is very unlikely that you will need such thing as they are very efficient in locking the rim, even if the brake cable has a very sinuous route.

I was mentioning above that Ultegra has “stolen” technology from Dura-Ace 7900. Well, thanks to this decision, the Ultegra brakes (315 grams) are just 21 grams heavier than “Big Brother” Dura-Ace, while the price is about half less (110 euro). But this transfer of technology has its disadvantages: the brakes reviewed in this article work at their best only in combination levers from the sets mentioned above.

Weight: 316 grams/pair