Rubena Scylla (2012)


Even if it has kept a low profile for the last three years in the high-end segment, Rubena, a Czech manufacturer with a history of more than 80 years in the field, wishes again to attack this niche we have just mentioned. As it is among the last few producers which still have their tires produced in Europe, this could be an advantage at least from the quality point of view.

We tested the XC folding 26 x 2.10 Rubena Scylla folding tires, which are recommended for lightly uneven surfaces or with medium sized bumps but also for terrains which can’t provide too much stability to the rider. Our testing conditions consisted in dry terrain, but also wet, mud and snow, so we could asses its traction on as many surfaces as possible.

Installing these tires is slightly harder than it is for a set of Schwalbe or Continental. I am speaking of the German brands, as they are Scylla’s direct competitors, by Rocket Ron (in its Performance version) and Mountain King, in terms of price and specs. The tires we have mentioned were installed and tested on a Rigida Taurus 2000 Disc rim.

Scylla’s knobs are rather small, which is an important advantage. Their height, next to their tread pattern, offers a very good rolling speed. However, taller and more spaced knobs are to be preferred for muddy conditions. Still traction is decent when climbing hills on muddy tracks, yet without excelling. As soon as you leave these sections, the tires shed the mud away quite fair.

Just get to a dry pack area and traction immediately improves no matter if you’re pedaling uphill or taking corners, thanks to the lateral knobs. Also, quite surprising, the bike remained under control and inspired us confidence even when taking turns on wet asphalt. Puncture protection seems to be reasonable, as the tires successfully passed the “border test” – quickly riding a border with less pressure in the air tube, a test, which for example Continental Mountain King failed, giving us a nice snake bite. Scylla’s thicker side walls did their bit here, we dare to say.

With its 642 grams, as our balance indicated, Scylla is below its competitions, but the good news is that it offers decent performance for its price. Even in difficult muddy conditions these tires can’t really prove too much, they nicely hang on when taking turns on dry terrain and wet asphalt. Rolling speed is higher than its competition, we also have to take into account they are narrower, but their weight is also bigger. For example, Schwalbe Rocket Ron puts 480 grams on the scale, while Continental Mountain King has a weight of 580 grams. However, their price is relatively similar, and this makes your decision rather difficult. The good news is that if you’re in search for a set of tires offering all the characteristics mentioned above, you’re in the right place.

Weight: 642 gram/piece