Nukeproof Neutron MgTi Pedals Review (2013)


The Nukeproof Neutron MgTi pedals are available in three versions: with a CrMo axle, and aluminum body, with a titanium axle, and aluminum body, and with a titanium axle, and a magnesium body. Much to our delight, we received for testing the magnesium body version, that reaches slighlty under 300 grams. Good performance for a clipless platform pair of pedals we might say, which has got strong chances of winning weightweenies’ hearts.

From the moment you set your foot on the pedals, the 10 high pins anchor your footwear firmly. Very noticeable are also the new appereance, and the option to replace or remove the pins according to your grip needs.

As far as grip goes, comparatively with other models, the Neutron tops the heap. It reaches this performance not only thanks to the pins, but also due to the large surface of the platform. You should be careful though with this pair, as the larger size may come in conflict with your legs when you mount or dismount, causing less than serious injuries, but uncomfortable ones anyway.

Skeptical voices pointed out that the magnesium pedals are breakable, and will shatter at the first major impact, but much to their dissapointment, this didn’t happen. Besides the chipped off paint, we recorded no actual damage caused by the encounter with rough obstacles such as stones. Two bearings ensure further durability, while the flat design not only makes them stand out, but helps reduce potential damage risk.

To cut the long story short, the Nukeproof Neutron pedals match just fine with extreme mountainbiking, or with users that seek a light, yet grippy pair of pedals. The price is not exactly low, but, once again, quality has its cost.

Weight: 298 grams/pair