Brake Force One (2013)


The idea behind this brake system belongs to a student who, by using funds received from several investors, managed to turn his project into reality. It took years for the new braking system to develop, a system that distinguishes itself by low weight, high braking power and brake lever designed to be operate with one finger only. To what extent Brake Force One can be a competitor worth being taken seriously by famous brake brands, we will explain in this article.

You can buy the new brake system in no less than 33 versions. This involves compiling the system according to your will, choosing from among various colors for lever, caliper, rotor or hose and 160, 180 or 203 mm rotors. Version 180-mm rotor was available to us, which is probably the most sold in the range.

Brake Force One first requires habit. From the moment you get on the bike, you are warned to first test the brakes gradually so as not to get thrown over the handlebars. Sincerely speaking, the warning is not without substance, because the brakes are very powerful. Since the lever is designed to be operated with one finger, the power it transfers to the brake pads is high. Modulation is also very good: basically, just slightly acting the lever significantly reduces speed. I didn’t like the lever feel at all, because it is dull and clumpish. A system such as Shimano Servo Wave would have been preferable.

Finger, instead, fits perfectly to the shape of the lever, and if you want it positioned closer to the handlebar, you can easily do it with a small wheel to be found on the lever. The area where your finger contacts the lever is made of rubber. Basically, of all brakes I used, these levers are the best in point of grip.

The two-piston caliper is made of aluminum. Although it doesn’t weigh much, nowadays we can find smaller calipers, even with 4 pistons working inside. In any case, braking is excellent, even after longer descents, and fading is almost nonexistent.

Weighing 205 grams, without rotor, these brakes are among the lightest and most advanced on the market. However, the price of 390 euro/piece is very high, and the refinement and quality of certain materials (such as the brake lever) could have been better. However, at this price, they remain exotic products for many users.

Weight: 205 grams (without rotor)

Overall score: