Review: Knog Qudos Action Video Light (2015)


One of Knog’s new gadgets is the Qudos, a very powerful action video lighting system for GoPro3 or similar-sized action cams. Featuring also handlebar and helmet mounts, the entire ensemble makes installing the recording device and its annex easy to use and keeps them in a safe place.

Qudos comes in handy when you have to shoot during nighttime, not only referring to the actual powerful light that’s shed over the footage, but also noticing the small perks of having such a source, like using it for looking where you’re going. And thanks to the power output, you get a pretty clear image of what you film, and also of what trail lays in front of you.

As with all clever devices, Qudos includes several, three in this case, intensity levels. The 3 LEDs can generate even a whooping 400 lumens that enable you to see the trail/path/road for about 10 meters (33 feet) in front of you. During pitch black moments, that is. The 3 modes available are Action, Target and Ambient, the first of them being the most powerful and allowing the use at full-capacity which will empty the battery pack in about 40 minutes. You can also go for the 225 lumen mode if you’ll need the light for a longer period. Target, on the other hand, shoots the light beam at a narrow angle, with an intensity of 175 or 100 lumens, while Ambient lets you opt between 270 and 70 lumens, but both for an extra wide angle, and a runtime that can reach 4 hours.

From what we experienced we reckon that recording while the 70-lumen mode is on is enough for actually recognizing what you filmed. Qudos receives some kudos from us also for its aluminum waterproof body that you can submerge to a depth of 40 meters, and also scores big for its simple rechargement procedure (done via USB), and its 150-gram weight.

We truly welcome this gadget developed by the minds from Knog back in Australia, and we have to say that our favourite mode is the Action 400-lumen one, which allowed us to shoot the guys who did all the actual work in that evening, but also helped us get on the proper path. And we also appreciated the fact that Qudos can very well be used as a flash on a photo camera.