Review: Connex 10SB bicycle chain


What’s better than a gold chain? A black and gold one it seems, since this combination drove crazy both rich and wannabe rich folks. Leaving this joke aside, the Connex 10SB chain doesn’t bear the colors for the sake of status, but for more practical reasons, the black layer protecting against corrosion. And what better way to test it then by riding during winter, when snow and mud abound?

Using the chain on a 1×10 drivetrain that included a 42-tooth sprocket, we had to keep all 114 links, otherwise risking the overstretching of the cage and causing irregular functioning of the derailleur. Of course, other scenarios where the entire length of the chain may occur, especially since the arrival of SRAM’s Type II clutch, that limits the cage’s movement.

The 10SB provides a smooth passing over all sprockets, even if the side of the links are not carved in a special form that eases shifting, and the chain features a quick-release link, as expected in the case of a quality chain. And since the links are not cut-away this means 10SB weighs 10 grams more than its counterparts.

As for durability, 10SB took and is still taking abuse of all kind, 1.000 kilometers of riding bringing the chain to about 40% of the way to full wear, which means, even in demanding circumstances, that this guy can be used for about 2.000 kilometers without headache.

How can you make a chain rust? Wash your bike and don’t dry it. Don’t lube it. Or simply let it be after you’ve ridden a wild and muddy adventure. We even went further and didn’t clean it, the next day heading out for a 30 kilometer ride. The filth on the chain may have shortened its life, but it didn’t give way to rust. The Connex 10SB is made in Germany and, of all the chains tested so far, it stood out thanks to its colors, rather than through special technological solutions or innovations. Having a lower price than its competitors coming from Shimano, SRAM or KMC, the 10SB keeps its promise of not rusting, but it pays a 10-gram toll for that, negligible as far as we’re concerned.