One Zero Biking Gloves Review (2012)


As far as nice looking, quality bike gloves go, One’s pair named Zero is guilty as charged. Furthermore, pricing is fair enough, but before you decide to buy them, a closer inspection can reveal their real purpose.

The palm area lacks seams, so this makes the gloves very comfortable when wearing them across longer rides. If you like riding XCO, XCM or enduro, wearing the pair can even be considered a pleasure, having generous ventilation, with vents for every finger. The fabric is thin and elastic, thus contributing to a cool temperature around your palms.

Regarding functionality, you will notice the lack of velcro straps for tightening the gloves, but a nicely executed part covers your wrists, and it’s more than enough to keep the Zeros on your hands. Extra grip is provided by the logo situated in the palm, but also on the index and middle finger areas.

An off-the-record mention is one linked to crashes, in which case the gloves protect your hands quite well, but be careful when passing by trees or rocks, as the equipment doesn’t have inserted any solid protections.

One Zero is a pair of light gloves, that fit your hand exactly if you choose the right size. Two flaws stand out, the protection mentioned earlier and the white colour that will soon turn dark, but other than these, I’ve found no objections. Pricing is a bit higher than that of the competitor’s, yet this must be an implication of the lively colour scheme the manufacturer opted for.