Fulride Cycling Rain Jacket (2013)


Fulride is a new appearance on the cycling equipment scene, the Spanish company offering products such as jackets, bib shorts, vests, arm/leg warmers, and so on. For finding out if the new brand’s goods can represent a serious option in terms of cycling gear, we tested Fulride’s rain jacket during a seriously rain-soaked mountain bike race.

The first thing that appeals is the jacket’s small size, the M-sized version not only weighing 120 grams, but also being packed in a very compact manner. Intriguing was also the fabric of the garment, which presents little holes that allow your skin to breathe, but which do not let water pass. Therefore, further study of the problem became necessary.

This is where the FR Stretch Plus fabric comes into play. The minute-sized pores of it take advantage of the smaller size of sweat drops compared to the size of the rain ones, and allow the first ones to get out, while preventing the others to pass through. Furthermore, the Spanish made a wise choice with the FR Stretch Plus, as it’s elastic and fits your body as close as possible, in the same time the zipper making the task of finding some flaws unsuccessful. We’ll stop here our quest for more technical detalis, and get content with saying that the jacket works perfectly, not letting any traces of rain pass through. The only part where the manufacturer can undertake some improvements is temperature control, as the garment tends to heat things up due to the single air vent found on the back of it.

As for the jacket’s visual, it’s very plain and simple, coloured in a classical white that gets dirty up in no time at all. We need to mention that the piece of clothing is neither resistant, things like wooden fences or tree branches posing a real threat to its integrity, and it lacks, like many other products of its kind, any sort of rear pocket(s).

To sum up this review, Fulride’s rain jacket can easily be taken for a basic piece of equipment in your “arsenal”. It has a lot of competitors on the market, but its features place it among the very best of its category. It’s light, compact, and keeps rain away, with a price that rises up to its level of quality.

Producer: Fulride
Price: 114,90 euros