Ergon GA1 Bicycle Handlebar Grips Review


While designed especially for enduro riding, after the first usage of Ergon’s GA1 handlebar grips you discover that they perform well wherever you ride your mountain bike or whatever discipline you put it through. Installing them proves to be more than user-friendly, simply sliding them onto the bars and tightening the screw being the only two operations required in order to enjoy them. The material found on the inside of the grip firmly secures it in the fixed position, and if you add the low weight of 118 grams (4.16 oz)/pair, the conclusin is clear: GA1 mean business.

Also hard to distinguish just by looking at the photos is the shape of the grips. It’s not cylindrical, but rather follows the outline of your palms, with an extra fill for the center of them. Therefore, when you switch from regular grips to GA1, the latter might seem thicker, but after a short accomodation time (no more than 10 minutes we say), you’ll freely control the handlebar like you’ve been using them for as long as you can remember. For extra grip, the GA1 feature on most of their surface different patterns, which are really effective.

However, don’t look at the GA1s as the comfortable ergonomical grips that blow away any pain from your palms. They do not offer the same amount of comfort as wider grips, which is an expected and normal thing taking into consideration the basic laws of physics, and probably are willingly designed not do so, compensating instead in terms of hand movement. You can grab the handlebar form a variety of positions, and move your hand very quickly in case you have to, all this control being enhanced by excellent grip that GA1 provides. So, except the situation your seeking comfortable grips, we fully recommend these based on their performance features.

Weight: 118 grams
MSRP: 24$