How to replace a CenterLock rotor


Replacing a CenterLock disc is piece of cake. But before you get down to bussiness, you must identify wether your disc uses a CenterLock or 6-bolt system to get mounted on the hubs.

Step 1

For completing this operation, you will require a cassette tool especially designed for unmounting the sprockets, as the one pictured below. It can be bought from companies such as Shimano or Park Tools for a price of around 10 euros.

Step 2

Mount the cassette tool on the lockring.

Step 3

Using a wrench, loosen the lockring until you can remove it completely, by turning the wrench in the movement direction of the wheel.

Step 4

Remove the rotor.

Step 5

Mount the new disc in the designated position.

Step 6

Place the cassette tool in the lockring and, by hand, screw it in.

Step 7

In the end, tighten the lockring according to the manufacturer’s recommandations, which can usually be found written on the outer part of the lockring.