Tern Eclipse S18 seeks to redefine portable transport


Tern introduced today the Eclipse S18 as the latest addition to the Eclipse lineup. Designed for hard usage in demanding conditions, the Eclipse S18 is an attempt to redefine the “folding bicycle” category, according to the manufacturer.

Basicly, the Eclipse S18 walks the extra mile that heavy-duty urban cyclists need, and which wasn’t completely covered by existing folding bicycles. “With the Eclipse S18 we set out to design a bike for the hardest-of-the-hard urban riders — the kind of people who ride through rain or snow, who have seriously under-funded local road repairs, or who haul their recycling by bike. For these riders we wanted a bike without those critical compromises, but we still wanted the convenience of folding portability because that flexibility to jump on a bus or train is so important when you’ve got a busy schedule” states Eric Lin, senior product manager at Tern.

The Eclipse S18 features a hydroformed frame and a 3D-forged handlepost. Together, these critical folding parts which feature six patented Tern technologies, create a stiff riding platform, fit for big and tall riders. A pair of Schwalbe Big Apple 507x55mm tires are present to ensure the bike rolls fast and smoothly over almost any road surface, yet the entire package still folds small and fast for easy transport or storage.

Also, the Eclipse S18 includes the Valo 2 integrated light, a 150 lumens front light designed in partnership with Herrmans, the BioLogic Joule 3 dynamo hub, and the award-winning PostPump 2.0 seatpost that features a high-capacity floor pump built right inside the seatpost.

The Eclipse S18 will be shipping in the fourth quarter of 2013 and has a MSRP of €1.800.

Via Tern