Sugoi presents this year’s cycling equipment collections


As warm weather is making its way towards us, more and more of us hit the road or the trails in search for fun. And comfort is essential for a good time on your bike, so wearing the right clothes can make the difference. This is where Sugoi steps in, unraveling its new cycling equipment for 2013.

The Sugoi RSE collection is placed at the very top of the company’s product range, performant materials, sophisticated design and a cool visual being the main coordinates in this case. All 3 pieces, jersey, bib shorts and gloves, make breathing an easy task for the skin, being fitted with a special mesh, while also providing protection against UV-radiation. A special mention is deserved by the chamois of the bib shorts, as they are made through an advanced lamination process with foam carving technology which reduces weight by 33% and offers a smooth transition between thicknesses. Also, gel inserts provide enhanced dampening from micro vibration for performance and comfort during the hardest and longest rides. The gloves are featuring a perforated Pittard leather upper so that a soft, comfortable fit is ensured. Pittard’s special leather is very resistant to moisture and corrosive sweat so even after drying, the leather remains soft, grippy and does not shrink. Quality has never been cheap, so expect to pay 49,90 euro for the gloves, 199,90 euros for the bibs and 129,90 euros for the jersey.

Moving on, we find the RS collection of the Canadian producer, which offers some more options than the previous RSE, although it is more budget-oriented. The RS Jacket and Versa vest will come in real handy on those cold and windy rides, since the first ensures thermal insulation while letting you move at will, and the latter being made out of a dense wind-stopping material. Also, the vest doesn’t have the usual zipper, a set of magnets closing or opening the item. Regarding warm weather gear, the RS jersey features ergonomic construction for an optimal fit when in the ride position, mesh panel inserts for airflow and breathability, a full length zipper, and a rear pocket. On the other hand, the RS bib shorts are constructed with Ultra Aero fabric, a dimensionally built knit with a dimpled surface for less friction and superior aerodynamics when moving through the air. The firm stretch and recovery provides a high-tenacity fit to keep muscles energized and working efficiently during extreme conditions. Last but not least, the RS range includes a pair of full gloves with full touch screen compatibility and a pair of sock featuring lightweight moisture wicking nylon/spandex blend for better comfort on long rides and reinforced toe and heel for durability.

The RSX collection is comprised out of two main items, the jersey and bib shorts, and 4 clothing accessories. They all hide a little secret, called IceFil, a high performance cooling material that both cools your skin and protects you at the maximum level from harmful UV rays. The flat yarn IceFil fibers are designed to absorb and disperse sweat. The material also undergoes a Xylitol fabric treatment process which yields a cooling effect when it comes in contact with perspiration, effectively turning your sweat into a micro refrigerant for topical temperature control. Very special amongst this range is the RSX Short, a high performance MTB short for epic XC rides featuring the innovative BOA Closure System. The BOA L5 dial closure system offers a secure and comfortable waistband fit to make on-the-fly micro adjustments without interrupting your ride.

Via Sugoi