No. 22 takes titanium bicycle building into its own hands


Every end is a new beggining, and while this proof of wisdom may not always apply, it makes all the sense in the world for the No. 22 company. A boutique brand of titanium frames and complete bikes of which we previously talked about , No. 22 will start producing its very own frames after 4 craftsmen from the former Saratoga Frameworks company have joined their team.


The team will be led by Scott Hock and includes Frank Cenchitz as head welder, Caleb Sesselman as welder, and Bill McDonald bringing his considerable experience to finishing and paint, as far as the new crew’s presentation goes. Also, production will take place in Saratoga Springs, New York. But what’s in it for the final consumer?

At least for now, the product range will not see any major change, the company relying on the two already existent series models Great Divide (road bike) and Little Wing (track/fixie). However, The Great Divide will be 200 grams lighter and the turnaround from order to delivery for the customer will be much improved, according to VAM Performance, the UK distributor of the brand. It will also be available in 2 finishes: the anodised option and also a more traditional ‘raw’ titanium finish, while the final addition to the features is an electronic gearing compatible version.