Mixie, a Flashy Fixed Gear Bike With BMX Wheels


Just when I thought I have seen everything when it comes to bikes, Mixie Mini F’Mixed shows up, one fixed gear bike which will stir spirits among those into this niche. If you’re curios to know who could build such extravaganza, well, the company is named Scratch Tracks, they build … alternative electronic devices, such as bags with built in speakers and all kind of retro gadgetry.

Two models are in the Mix, Crisscross Royale and Straightedge, available in various and glamorous paint schemes. Joker Green and Vice Teal caught our eyes, but we’re curios how these bikes sold for approximately 400 dollars will manage to leave their 20 ‘’ tires marks on the market. This could happen, as this is a practical size for urban riding, whilst the explosion of style and color Mixie brings shouldn’t bother any “serious” cyclist.