Interlock, the most safe seatpost yet


Developing practical components for bicycles is one of the keys of success for the companies involved in this business, but even so, there a lot of ideas that haven’t been put in practice so far. The Interlock seatpost is filling a gap in this regard, because inside it there is a bicycle lock. So, there you have it: 2 things in 1 and a lot of spare room in your backpack!

Kickstarter is the place where we found this item and it seems to be more developed that it initially appears. For example, you might ask yourself what happens if someone decides to “borrow” your seatpost. Well, the lock runs through the seatpost, but having secured it to a fix object and running the loop through the frame makes taking away the seatpost much more difficult.

As for actually using the lock, you just have to simply pull it out of the seatpost. The cables run 20 inches and are 8mm thick, the whole component having a proposed price of 39$.

Via Kickstarter