FUBi, an extremely foldable bike


Although open spaces represent less than a problem over there, all the way from Finland comes a bike that takes the foldable concept a step further. And this is only mildly put, as all you’ll need to carry FUBi will be a tennis racquet bag. Ok, and some room for the wheels as well…

Suede Ulf Laxstrom brought to reality the FUBi concept, which for the moment is only a prototype, which has several versions, all built out of carbon and steel. Even if the bike’s size is rather thin when packed up, a problem might come from the wheels, which have to be removed before folding.

But Laxstrom thought of this and redesigned the wheels with a narrower profile, including for the rear one despite its 7 sprockets. Also he made up its own gear shifting system, one that resembles shifters from time long gone,  but that carries an important advantage in the fact that the chain can glide across all the gears in less than a pedal revolution.

Among other technical details of the bike we can find the 10-kilogram weight, which the inventor aims to reduce to 9.5 kilograms, and the wheel size options of 700x23C or 650C. The project seeks support on Kickstarter.com so if you can lend a hand, you’ll also get some favours in return.